Dallas Ends Miami Streak

by Jeff Fogle 21. December 2010 00:16

In a game that had a playoff feel the whole way through, Dallas defeated Miami Monday night 98-96. That ended the Heat's winning streak at 12.

This revenge rematch was nip and tuck the whole way...

First Quarter:Dallas 23, Miami 22
Af the Half: Dallas 43, Miami 44
After Three: Dallas 65, Miami 68
With 1:30 left: Dallas 86, Miami 85

There were 23 points scored in the last 90 seconds...turning a 90-89 type wrestling match into something resembling a more average affair. Let's look at a few key stats.

Shooting Percentage: Dallas 45%, Miami 40%
Two-Point Shooting: Dallas 47%, Miami 43%
Rebounds: Dallas 48, Miami 44
Turnovers: Dallas 13, Miami 12

Dallas won the inside game, but Miami made three extra treys to make up for hit.

Quick notes:

*Some very surprising plus/minus numbers in this one. I know that anything can happen in one game, so I'm not suggesting these have predictive value. But, it was certainly odd to see this:

James: -20
Bosh: -13
Wade: +5

Miami outscored Dallas by 18 in the 12 minutes LeBron sat on the bench.

*Mike Miller was activated for the game, but only played 4 minutes. He was 0 for 4 on three-pointers in the first half...and stayed on the bench after that. He's obviously working his way back toward being a contributor.

*As was mentioned in the prior post, this was the 7th Miami game in 11 nights. Tough stretch that included two games in California, and a game in New York. Heat go back on the road now for a Thursday Night game in Phoenix on TNT...then that much anticipated Christmas afternoon game against the Lakers in LA on ABC. Not a great way to catch up on your rest!

*Dallas sweeps the season series, and reminds everyone that they're a legitimate force in the West. Maybe the team will get press for something besides Mark Cuban's tweets.

Promised to check in on Orlando/Atlanta too, with Hedo Turkoglu and Gilbert Arenas on the floor for the Magic.

Shooting Percentage: Orlando 35%, Atlanta 41%
Two-Point Shooting: Orlando 39%, Atlanta 44%
Rebounds: Orlando 38, Atlanta 51
Turnovers: Orlando 12, Atlanta 15

(Note that hoopdata.com will have their boxscores up at the usual time once the full evening slate is in the books)

Turkoglu played 35 minutes, and only took 4 shots. He was brought back to be a shooter! Arenas was 2 of 11 from the floor, and only had 3 assists in 27 minutes. It will take awhile for the pieces to fit together comfortably. I like monitoring the relationship between shot attempts and assists for Arenas. With Washington, these characteristics tended to cluster when Arenas was healthy and getting his normal minutes:

Low Assists-High Shots-poor team defense, or
High Assists-Fewer Shots-surprisingly good team defense

If you're a fan of Arenas, you see that as Gilbert trying to be the hero himself when things weren't going well. If you're a skeptic, you see the other players slacking off on defense when they weren't touching the ball on offense...but giving a full court effort when play was more integrated. It can be tough to measure "chemistry." There are ways to get there by putting a few categories together. Let's keep an eye on the role of Arenas with the Magic...and look for a picture to take form.

I should note that Washington has responded very well to the trade. They led much of the second half as a prohibitive undedog vs. Miami this past Saturday night before losing a heartbreaker. Tonight they crushed Charlotte 108-75. That's enthusiasm!

Aiming to be back Wednesday evening with a new post. See you then...

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