It is a well-agreed fact that the 2021 NBA offseason has been quite the event. But the makers are not done with doling out the excitement. The video game publisher 2K Sports has come up with a major announcement that they are back with their insanely popular basketball franchise and they are calling it NBA 2K22. It is all ready to launch worldwide on September 10th!

NBA offseason

What’s new here?

This raging gaming franchise is prepared to rope in six different cover athletes across its four editions. They are always pushing the boundaries with their successful series and we are all anticipating their latest cherry on the cake.

All the cover athletes

Get ready to witness Dallas Mavericks hero Luka Doncic on the cover of NBA 2K22. The Slovenian flag has been raised to its full glory by the 22-year-old. The praise that this star has garnered in his short stint is laudable. Even Nowitzki is all set for his entry into the special edition of NBA 2K22. All the revolutionaries of the world of NBA have been signed up to grace the cover of the game.


The playlist includes songs from popular artists like Gunna, Nas, Travis Scott, Skepta, and countless others. Discover some exciting music each year through the “First Fridays”. On every Friday of the new season, there will be a new soundtrack that follows to add to the fervor. Basket and music go together like peanut and jelly! Also, we must look forward to the exciting new artists who are all set to level up the basketball game experience.

The different editions

The current price of the Standard Edition of 2K22 is $99.95. There is no free upgrade in their offering though. For the 75th Anniversary Edition, get ready to shell out $149.99.

The game

The makers of the game promise the best visual action and are widening the variety of the gaming experience. Get ready to witness more versatility on both the defensive and offensive fronts.

Pre-ordering is a good investment as it would provide the player with an added advantage when playing. There are also many incentives in line for those who are set to pre-order as there are some furiously exciting perks that would sweeten your whole playing experience. In the Standard Edition, you may find 5,000 Virtual Currency, 5,000 MyTEAM Points, Luka Doncic MyPLAYER Jersey and so much more. The platform of the pre-order does not matter as you would be receiving the same perks across all.

In conclusion

You would be able to personalize your storyline and the new challenges, along with the new concepts of the game would surely set the game apart for you. The company has also revamped many of its defensive tools and has added some defensive moves of the different players. You will experience the actual NBA basketball upon playing this game. We recommend you proceed with the pre-orders to get the best value for your investment.


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