DraftKings is a famous sports betting website where sports lovers may try their hand at betting on their favorite sports. So, if you enjoy sports betting, this is the place to be. To help you in making your decision, we have provided a full review of the website.

About DraftKings

DraftKings is a Boston-based sports supplier founded in 2012 by three members of Vistaprint that has grown very fast to become one of the largest frequent fantasy sports providers in the United States. DraftKings hosts daily fantasy contests and hundreds of other events every day, with thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs for the winner. DraftKings provides a lot to its players. It has also been reported that the brand paid out a billion in prizes to winners in 2016 and has continued to grow since then.


How can you get started in DraftKings?

DraftKings registration is simple and easy, with no complicated procedures to follow. To become a member of DraftKings, you have to sign up by creating an account. To do so, simply choose a username and a strong password and fill in the necessary personal information. You may include your state and country of residence, email, and physical address in this personal information.

Where can DraftKings be operated?

DraftKings has been consistently growing due to the daily fantasy sports contests and tournaments it runs regularly. It is, however, worth noting that not everyone is fortunate enough to be a part of these competitions. There are several nations where using DraftKings is strictly prohibited.

Players from all across Europe, Asia, and America can participate in DraftKings, excluding some states in these countries. Although the company was founded in the United States, numerous states have laws prohibiting the use of DraftKings within their borders. The following states restrict their residents from participating in any paid contest on DraftKings:


  • Alabama
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • Montana
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Iowa

Six states, including Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, have made it illegal to engage in any form of sports betting.

Who can play in DraftKings?

Apart from citizens of the countries which have made sports betting legal through DraftKings, players must meet other requirements to be a part of DraftKings and play. If you legally reside in Alabama or Nebraska, you must be at least 19 years to register an account with DraftKings. Similarly, if you’re playing from Massachusetts, you must be at least 21 years old.

Legal citizens of Idaho, Delaware, and Alabama who live outside of these states, on the other hand, are allowed to make a deposit, participate in contests, and earn rewards by playing in DraftKings. In addition to citizens of the mentioned states, citizens of Canada can also join in the tournaments.

Types of payment methods

Players are often concerned that their funds might get stuck in the payment gateway; however, this is quite unlikely with DraftKings. Because DraftKings is a reputable sports betting site, it employs a variety of payment options that are quick, safe, dependable, and trustworthy and are designed with the needs of different countries in mind. The following are the payment methods that DraftKings accepts:

  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Depositing money

To continue playing at any sports betting site, players must deposit a definite amount. Because DraftKings supports various payment options, it has become exceedingly convenient for users to deposit cash to continue playing and winning prizes.

As a result, if you’re playing at DraftKings, you’ll need to fund your account first. Because there is no minimum or maximum amount you can deposit, you can deposit as much cash as you wish. However, you must be careful when depositing because all deposits are final, and you will not be able to get a refund of the deposits made!


Withdrawing the money

The best feeling to have while gambling is to be able to enjoy your winnings! As a result, DraftKings has made it simple for their players to withdraw their winnings and put them to fair use as quickly as possible. If you win while playing on DraftKings, your winnings will be credited to your account. These winnings can then be withdrawn using PayPal or the original deposit method.

DraftKings normally takes two to seven business days to review and issue payouts, including processing and issuing time. However, it should be noted that DraftKings allows its participants to cash out their winnings during a specified time window, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

Games that you can play in DraftKings

Players can pick from a range of games to wager and test their luck on. The following are the games that players can bet in DraftKings:

  • Basketball league- NBA
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • Soccer (EPL, MLS, La Liga, Liga MX, Champions League)
  • Baseball league- MLB
  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Golf
  • Canadian Football League (CFL)
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • League of Legends (eSports, LoL)

How to play in DraftKings?

Playing in Draftkings is simple. Players may keep track of the scores in real-time with DraftKings’ live scoring feature. Once the game has started at the designated time, players can no longer change their lineup. However, players should familiarise themselves with the rules of the games before entering the tournament or contest, as different games have different scoring systems.

To begin betting, a participant must first select the game and competition they wish to participate in. Each game has its own set of rules, but the most popular one is to pick a team of players or set a price cap after choosing a game.

Players’ prices will be determined by their statistics, performance, and popularity—the more skilled the player, the greater the price tag. The participant will finally hit “enter” to join a competition once they have filled out the lineup as they consider proper.

Compatibility of DraftKings

DraftKings has been designed to be incredibly user-friendly, allowing players to participate in contests and tournaments with ease. As a result, users worldwide can use the mobile browser to access the website from any mobile device. The brand has its app open for both Apple and Android devices for even more comfortable experience.

Bonus offered

DraftKings provides users with a variety of bonuses and awards. If you are new to DraftKings, you can get a chance to twice your deposit amount up to $600 and get a free entry into a contest well with a $3 entry cost.

Players can also take advantage of the company’s referral program, which rewards new players with a $20 bonus when users refer someone to the site via email or other social networking sites, while existing players receive additional rewards.

It should be noted, however, that all bonuses expire four months after they are claimed. FPPs are gained every time a player joins a contest since the initial welcome incentive is released at $1 for each 100 Frequent Player Points gained. Players can trade their FPPs for free contest tickets and other rewards, such as DraftKings merchandise if they collect enough.

Types of contest

DraftKings provides a variety of contest categories, which are listed below:


Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) – A tournament with a vast field and better cash awards. This differs by contest, but the top 10% of runners will get cash in most cases.

Double-Up or 50/50- Participants in the upper half of the scoring board win prizes equal to their registration fee.

Head-to-Head – A one-on-one competition similar to the 50/50 concept. Whoever wins gets their entry fee refunded in double.

Leagues – Here, players can create and personalize their own private competitions to compete with their friends.

Qualifiers / Satellites – There are no entry costs for these contests. Players who place high in the rankings may be eligible for free participation in future competitions.

Multipliers – Participants can earn from 3 to 10 times their initial participation fee.

FreeRoll – These contests are completely free, and the winners will receive DraftKings dollars as a prize.

Beginner –You can play in beginner matches against other newcomers that are an excellent way to gain exposure in the industry.

Step Tournaments – Players can participate in “step tournaments” and increase their ranks by winning. The first step includes paying a $2 registration fee. If a player continues to win, they have a chance to advance through all four levels and win a reward of up to $200.


Final Views

There’s a reason DraftKings is the most successful daily fantasy sports site. They provide the most competition of all significant daily fantasy sports sites and continuously improve their services to reach a more extensive range of customers. Whether you’ve been betting on sports for a while or are just getting started, DraftKings is the best place to go for a convenient and pleasurable gambling experience.


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